It was not green

Green, it was green he could swear on his life. He had passed the traffic light with a green. Why was she screaming?
“You didn’t stop at the traffic lights! Again!” Elena started yelling at her husband, again. They could never have badinage, no. They had to argue about the smallest detail of their life together. Even about whether the traffic light was green.
“It was green, Elena.” Responded Paul wearily.
“No,” she continued the argument stubbornly. “Green were the leaves of the trees on the side of the roads. Green was the Ferrari parked two streets away from our house. Green was the skirt that the young woman wore on the previous traffic lights that you passed. But, not the last traffic light”. Elena crossed her arms on her chest.
Paul opened his mouth to disagree, but a policeman on a motorcycle signaled him to stop on the side of the road. He sighed heavily and a huge triumphant smile appeared on her face. After all, it might have not been green.


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