She looked upon her kingdom to be with delight in her heart. Greed and lust was in there, too. She was anxious if everything would work perfectly, but her doubts was something she was obliged to bury down in her heart. She had buried all her thoughts so deep inside her, in a place with double lock and extra alarms, that even her Magnificent had forgotten their existence. No, her minions of darkness could never know about her second thoughts, or their feeble hearts would shy away from their greatness.

“Your Magnificent” a small purr was heard from the shadows behind her “It is almost time. The sun is almost set. Don’t you want to address your loyal subjects?”

“Yes, I will come” she was eager to go to talk to her minions; her speech was elegant and elevating. It was a masterpiece. But someone of her position would never rush to the callings of the others. The others should rush to hers, she was above the natural laws. She let a couple of more seconds pass before she hoped down from her observatory. She would make that place her throne, once they won her kingdom.

With all the grace she could master, and indeed it was more than anyone else she knew, she walked to the other ledge of the rooftop, where she could see her minions. Her small, ugly and sweet cats. They all worshipped her, from the tomcats to the pampered house cats, from the kittens to the deaf old cats. She had prepared her speech for them. She had prepared carefully her plan because she wanted her minion to thrive, because she cared for them. And now it was time.

“My perfect and beloved cats! Tonight is the night! Tonight is the night that we will rule the world!” she had to pause because excited mews echoed through the rooftops. She let them a few moments of excitement, 3 seconds to be exact, and then she raised her front, left paw to silence them. Only when complete silence was achieved she continued with her speech. “All that you know will change. For how many years were we hunted down? For how many years we had to steal food, beg for it under the tables? For how long did we roam around in fear that the human would kick as? Our forefathers suffered greatly, they shed blood in order for us to reach this historical moment. A lot of our brothers and sisters had to suffer the endlessly petting of the Human, the photos, the strokes and the confinement. But they decided to suffer it, to live out their lives undercover so we could reach this moment. This night will change the world!”

More excited purrs and mews filled the air, even though now angry ones were in the mix. Good, let them be bloodthirsty, she thought. After a few well counted seconds she silenced the crowd again. “Tonight is the night. Tonight all our hardships will cease. Tonight our rule will start from this place and will expand to the end of the world. We will occupy this God-forsaken human city and with an iron paw we will cleanse it. We will change, transform it to the Mecca of the Catdom! All the pathetic humans that were enslaved to our charms by our fellow cats will come and worship us here! They will bring us the best fish to eat and the best toys to play with. They will clean after us and defend us from the stinky dogs! We will be their Gods!”

The roars heard from her lovely minions would make their cousins in the savanna shy away from them. She was so delighted by the response her speech had. She would like to keep going on, but she had to keep short and simple, the cats get bored easily. “You all know the plan, your role. Go, now and fulfill your destiny. For you, for children, your parents. For the nation of the cats!”

With her last words the cats abandoned their places and run to their positions, eager to please her and win their place in history. Her Magnificent purred pleased, because tonight was the night. Tonight she would rule the world.


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