The devil within

You won’t even know I am here. I will be as quiet as a mouse, I will move around as stealthy as a cat. You will never hear me, I will be the background of your life. But I crept into your heart, as you crept into mine. It doesn’t matter that you are not who you told me you are, I am at home now, in the cobwebs and the lies.

I will stay here, I will not bother you. I made a promise, you will never see me cry. You will never hear me, even though my feelings are as loud as a thunderstorm. I will buy them deep inside, silence them, lock them away. Until that day comes and you’ll never know what hit you.

Do not worry. It will efficient, it will be complete. I will release the cracken that is bred in the depths of my heart. I’m going to make you suffer. It will be slow and sweet; not for you but for me. You will never understand, how or why, because I am underneath your skin.

My love is your air, your lies my fuel. I breathe your nightmares and you feed on mine. I am the poison in your bones, you are the disease of my mind. We destroy each other, chewing at the corners of our lives till we reach the core. You do not see it, and I will not stop, till I break you.

Look what you have made of me. I was so sweet and innocent. Ready to love you and give you all. Still, I will do the same, but it will not be what you expected. It will be hard and unbearable, difficult to breath it in, impossible to throw it away, this hell you’ve put me in. I am the devil within and when it comes, you’ll never know what hit you.

AN: This one small story is inspired by the digital daggers song, the Devil Within. The sentences in bold, are lyrics from the song. Enjoy.


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