And we walked

We walked. We walked a lot. We walked miles through the mist of life. We started in small sunny places. A bit foggy now in our memories but we remember them fondly. The warm lights and the earthy smells.

But then we walked more.  We reached a place when where clouds gathered. We remember statues, tall and mascular and dirty. Covered in moss. But they did not scare us. We walked through them with our heads high.

And we walked some more. And we reached the sea. The sea was terrible and beautiful at the same time. It sung of adventure and great stories. And we walked by it, mesmerised by its song. But the sea is a witch and had whims . We almost got lost in her dark storms, we almost killed ourselves. We clasped our hands together and we walked.

We walked some more. And we found sun again and happy birds singing their love stories and blueberries growing in the forest. We picked some mushrooms because we were happy again. The place was magestic and felt like home.

But we did not linger. We could not linger. We pass through nice and terrible and sometimes boring places, and we never stay. We are made for walking. And so we walk.


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