A very serious answer

I will ask you one time, and I want the truth. What happened here?”

I was sitting on the couch and I was watching TV. Bast was there with me, she was sprawled in front of me and I was scratching her behind her eyes. You know how much cats love it. All of a sudden, I heard a loud crack coming from the kitchen. Bast’s fur stood on edge and she run away to hid behind the sofa. You know, mommy, how easily she is frightened. I am a brave girl though. So, I stood up and moved on my tip toes. I went to the kitchen, and what do you think I saw? The cookie monster! He had climbed up the kitchen table and reached for the cookie jar that you keep so far away. But he was clumsy, did you know that cookie monsters are clumsy? I did not. Well he was clumsy and broke the jar with cookies. Before I could say anything he fled from the scene as fast as possible. And that is why the cookie jar is broken.”

Julia finished her story and waited for her mother’s response. She was looking her right into the eye, she was never frightened to tell stories like that. Her mother found the stories cute, but she had to discourage that action. Her teachers were complaining at school and demanded to help them stop it. In her opinion it was their fault that they could not distinguish lies from truth! But on the other hand they were right, lying like that could lead her to serious trouble when she is older. Julia had to grow up.

Julia, we both know that there are no cookie monsters. Now, I will ask you one more time: What happened here?”

Mom, okay I will tell you the truth. We were watching TV with bast. Our favourite TV show was playing and we fun. We laughed a lot and we sang along our favourite songs. But then Bast got hungry. You know that she is a little fat cat. So, she run out of my hands and before I could stop her she went for the cookie jar. I told her: You know that mom does not want us to eat cookies before lunch! But Bast did not listen to me. And since she has no hands, puf! She broke the jar”.

Julia’s mother sighed. She believed that her daughter could become a great writer one day, but she had to learn the difference of telling stories and telling lies. Most people at that point would have grounded her, but she knew better. It was always a better tactic to ask her again and again till she admitted the truth.

Julia, I will ask one more time, and this time I want a serious answer. What happened here?”

Okay! I was watching my favourite show, while I was scratching Bast’s ears. They started eating cookies in the show and I got hungry! I wanted cookies! So I went to the kitchen and tried to reach the cookie jar, and it broke! No… I dropped it on the floor! But I promise I did not do it on purpose, I didn’t want to break the jar or the cookies. It was an accident! Do you believe me?” Julia asked on the verge of tears.

Yes, honey, now I believe you. Let’s clean up this mess and have lunch”.



Can I have a cookie?” asked Julia and her mother could not decide if she was mad or entertained by her.


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