Her Smile

Her smile was all he needed to feel happy again. It did not matter that the world was in pieces, her smile could still make him happy.

They were out there, alone, only Matti and Tanja. The snow was falling heavily from the sky and covered all the dusty ruins of the small city. The blown up cars were totally frozen and the snow entered small salons, children’s rooms and dining rooms through the holes on the walls. Snow would make them happy if it would not have created the perfect hiding place for the broken glass spread on the road. Silence was only heard, was it due to the snow or due to the post-apocalyptic city it covered slowly under it? Matti and Tanja could not tell.

They were alone in the city. And they were sad. Had anyone else survived? How could they know? Communications were cut off fast after the first wave of attack. Matti felt lucky that he had time to reach Tanja. On his way to their secret meeting place, he saw a lot of dead bodies, blood springing out of mortifying woods and decapitated persons. He could say what kept him going, was it the fear of death? Definitely. Was it the fear of his death? Not necessarily. He cringed more on the thought of his beloved daughter’s death than his own. Tanja was his life after all.

Her smile was the first thing made him love her so much. Matti would never forget the day she got born, when he held the newborn baby in his arms. He was happy then and he was happy afterwards. He would everything in his power to keep her smiling. Even if the world had come to an end.

Among the smoky cars a movement was heard. Matti got scared. Was it one of them? Would they die? Of course they would die, but not that day. The small squirrel came out the place and went near them. Tanja fell on her knees and tried to call it over. It did not come, it preferred to search for the remnants of its home, possible its family as well. The people on this cold city were not the only ones who had suffered. Tanja and Matti were not the only ones who had lost everything that day.

Tanja smiled as she watched the small animal run away. She was fond of them. And Matti thought that at least him had not lost all the source of his happiness.


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