If we kiss

My breast is as cold as clay and my heart heavier than lead. I knew how this happened, I knew why we have parted for ever. Me a creature of the night, him a creature of day and you cannot keep us together. If you kiss my cold clay lips, I warned him then, under the moon eclipse, you will never see the sun again.

Your days they won’t be long, I warned him and he did not understand. Poor child of light, he was the fairest flower I saw and now he was withered to a stalk. I kissed him under the moon light, knowing deep in the heart that my breath is earthly strong, and so would turn his. But I am a true born child of death, a creature of the night and I can survive. He was a life child with a breath made of clouds. And the clouds disappear when they touch our lips.

You are the fairest lady I have ever seen, he told as he kissed me and my heart turned cold as ice. When will we meet again, sweetheart? He asked me and a single tear found its way down his face. I could bear not to tell him the truth that they go to whatever Valhalla they believe in, but nothing awaits us. His breath turned to ice while I gave the answer he sought. When the autumn leaves that fall from the trees are green and spring up again.

AN: Inspired by the song “Unquiet Grave” featured in the trailer and first episode of season 2 of Penny Dreadful. All the original lyrics are marked in bold. 


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