The new generation

“Do you have any books on world domination?”

The old bookseller was surprised to hear the little girl ask the question in her innocent voice. During his forty years in the business of selling books, he had never been asked about such a book, let alone from an eight year old girl.

“I might have something, but you have to be a bit more specific” Mark replied kindly. Most likely it was a children’s ploy, a new play, or a school project. There was nothing alarming in the situation, except from the fact that it was unexpected.

“I want a book that describes how world domination can be done” explained the little girl and Mark raised an eyebrow. The new generation is surely more interesting than ours, he thought.

“I think I have what you want, follow me” he led the way to another part of his bookstore. “If I may ask, why a young lady as yours is interested in world domination?”

“Because I want to dominate the world!” she answered in a tone that implied she thought him to be slow.

“And, do you know what domination of the world means?” he asked gently, while picking books out of the selves.

“Of course I do” she said with self-confidence. “Conquer the world”.

“And why do you want to conquer the world? Surely you have more important stuff to do, like going to school and play with dolls?”

“I do not play with dolls! My brother installed the sims 4 in the pc for me.” She answered angrily. “And if I conquer the world, I will be the Queen of the World and I will do whatever I want! And mom will never tell me again I cannot eat ice cream before lunch!”

Well maybe the new generation is not so different after all, the old man thought while trying to supress a smile.

AN: Italics are for thoughts. The piece was inspired by writeworld quote prompt Do you have any books on world domination?”


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