They came close together and they hugged. It was such a nice and sweet touch; no one would have thought they would miss each other so much. They whispered into each other’s ears, and everyone hid a smile. Sure they had their ups and downs, and everyone knew they were not best friends. But they struggled together. They achieved great things that all were proud of them. They prolonged their hug to an emotional goodbye. Maybe something was there after all? Maybe they were just too blind to see? That would so sweet. They parted with smiles on their faces; her eyes were even glistened with tears. Who knows, maybe they would finally feel free to transform their relationship to something else.

The only reason they hugged was because otherwise everyone would sneered down on them. A hand shake was not enough according to the whispers that were like horns into their sides. They worked together for so long that they were expected to be emotional that she left. They were, but not as they thought. He got a strange sensation in the pit of his stomach and she wanted to scream. And then he whispered into her ear “Finally, you are leaving this place, bitch. You did not belong here and you should have known it earlier”. And then she whispered into his ear, “I wish one day you will go away, and you will find someone to work that is like you. Someone that will make you hate him, and your life, as much as you did to me.” as everyone was exhaling with surprise of their intimacy. When they parted they smiled to each other as they always did. But ice was in his eyes and tears of pain in hers. They will never speak again.


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