Archetype: The princess

Princess is a regal rank and the feminine equivalent of prince. Most often, the term has been used for the consort of a prince or for the daughters of a king or sovereign prince.

Gentle, brave, pure, daring, innocent

I am a boring person that has never gained anything here. These were the thoughts in her mind. Those were her words, and she was right. Because what was she? A princess, a high born lady. She was just lucky to be born within the royal chamber and not out of it.

Who was she? A princess. The youngest daughter of the King and Queen. She was beautiful, and well dressed and perfect manners. But so were all her sisters. They were perfect little dolls, ready to decorate some prince’s court.

She did not want to be like this. She wanted to be someone, to do something, to be strong as the man pulling the mail wagon, or as brave as the knight that guards her father. She wanted to be as clever as the clerk in the chapel of the palace, she wanted to be as adventurous as the sailors that arrive every day at the city ports. She wanted to be someone who she wanted to be, someone who she decided and not what others had told her.

She would change and be the hero of her own story. The question was though who did she want to be? And more importantly, could she become who she wanted to? Did she have what she needed to? The princess had to find out for herself. She had to take the leap and start the journey to find herself.

She wanted and had to change. But what if she could not do it? Then what?

I will always be a boring princess.


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