Kiss me

It was night. The young man was walking in the cold street as fast he could. The stone road was slippery and the dead leaves made the place look depressing.

He thought he could find her, but he was not sure. He tried to look for her in the small benches by the sea and on the sticky mud of the river bed. But she was not there. The young man continued his way.

He reached the bridge. The force of the wind was multiplied somehow, making it difficult to stand there. Its cold fingers reached deep into his bones, pinching them as hard as needles.

But was it really the wind? Or were her cold and dump hands? The young man opened his eyes wider and he saw her. She was standing there cold and distand and powerful. She had sea snails as decoration on her green hair and water plants were the material of her dress. Her eyes had the darkest color he had ever seen, how was it so possible to have dark pupils?

“Are you Minne?” He asked her in a low voice.
“Yes, the spirit of the bridge.” Her voice was equally cold to her skin. “Why are you here?”
“You know why I am here. I had to see the evil spirit myself.”
“And try to make it a love story”
“you will not manage to do it.” She said in a low and threatening voice.
“Can I kiss you?”
“Thousands follish men kissed me. What makes you so special?”
“If I kiss you will fall in love, Minne, and you will want my kisses all the time.”
She laughed a long and cold laugh. “You can try and then all the world will know you failed as the place will remain dump and cold and windy and filled with mud.”
And theb he kissed her.

The following day the kids were surprised to see that the river was shining and the Stones were not wet and that the wind was warm and pleasant.

AN: I am travelling to Belgium this week and this story it was inspired by a legend in Brugge.


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