Note to oneself

Dear me,

Remember that you are good. That you are clever and hardworking, that you are able to do what you want. You have the skills to learn, improve, succeed. Remember that you can do it, whatever someone else might think of you. Do not let them judge you. Do they know? No they do not, only you know yourself. Do not let them feed the monster of insecurity you have muzzled inside you.

Remember that dreaming is good. Dreams help you go on, give you the energy to go through all the difficult dark days, when the letters want to jump out of the computer screen and bite you. Dreams are your energy drink, your food supply. It is in your hand to keep them alive and make them reality. And remember that the dreams are flexible, they change in details, and come in different forms. Do not be disappointed if something is not as you thought. Enjoy the percentage of it. And do not forget that they are yours, and only yours. No one else can tell you what you dreamed, or what you should desire.

Remember to enjoy the small things in life. The snowflakes, the frost on the trees, the bird on the pavement. Your favourite lunch on the cafe, the fresh lines, drinking tea from your favourite teacup. Reading a quote from your favourite book. The small things can help you go on, keep you excited and energetic. Life is beautiful, your life is good.

Remember that you are good, and that people should love you. If they do not want to be with you it does not matter to you. You have other friends, family. And sometimes people go away, you were not as important to them as they were to you. But it does not matter, cherish the moments you can spend together.

Remember you are awesome,

With love,




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