Closed Eyes

Her eyes were closed, but she didn’t need them.

She was laying on the floor; her face was covered with her long dark blond hair. She was still laying were they had dropped her; a lifeless, broken body. She had kept her eyes closed, it was easier to pretend to be dead that way.

Eyes were overestimated, or so her master had taught her. You do not need your eyes to see, the Old Man used to say. After many years with him as a mentor she came to believe it. She could smell the blood pooling beneath her, she could hear the heavy breath of the other man. The woman could feel the small breeze of the open window and the rays of the sun. She could picture all she needed in her mind, the small dirty room in the backyard of the palace. The place she desired to be.

Some lesser men would think that she was in trouble. But she was not. She was exactly at the place, at the exact moment and exact condition she wanted to be. Everything had worked out exactly as her plan. Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something else, her Old Man used to say. After many years, she understood and she mastered planning. She was now the best.

She slowly opened her eyes and carefully approached the window. It was time. She did not care about the heavy breathing man in the next room; he was as unimportant as a worm. She did not like to kill worms, she always let them go. Carefully she looked out the window; her gazed fell on the palace balcony.

There she was, tall and lean and beautiful and soon to be dead. She felt a bit of a remorse, she never enjoyed to murder women, especially as powerful as her. But she was an assassin and she did not get to choose who to kill. She pulled out her special dart from the inside of her bra. She had 30 seconds, exactly, that is how long it took Her to inspect the back gardens. She took a deep breath and her victim raised her glass to sip some red wine. She released her breath slowly and her victim tasted the wine. She released her deadly dart and the victim gasped. She closed her eyes, she did not need to use her eyes to know that she had found her target. The scream coming from the upper floors confirmed her success.


AN: Inspired from quote prompt.


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