Archetype: The Rebel

A person who refuses allegiance to, resists, or rises in arms against the government or ruler of his or her country. Also a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition; Foolish, bratty, valiant, headstrong.

Before going out of the room, she straightened her head and back. She cleaned a bit her clothes and moved her small package under her jacket. Then she joined the masses on the street as if she was a part of them, as if she was a part of the common people. As if she was not carrying the only thing that could destroy the Queen.

While she was moving around, she felt like she was going to die. She felt like the small package waited as much as the whole world. Was it so hot today that made her sweat like a pig? Or was it the anxiety that made the sweat look like pearls on her face?

She was worried she would not be able to reach her destination without drawing any attention. She was afraid she would not be there on time. Every guard scared her; were there always so many of them? She thought that the shiny weapons were mocking her: We will taste your flesh and drink your blood. You cannot hide from us.

She continued walking around till she found the place she wanted to reach. Her breath quickened and without wanting to, the same happened to her pace. She wanted to break to a run, but then she felt a strong hand touch her shoulder and her heart stopped.

As she turned to face the guard, her stomach turned into a thousand snakes moving round and round. The Resistance will fail, and it is all my fault. The guard looked her into the eye, searching for something. His friend was checking a drawing on an old paper. She tried to remain calm.

How long did they look at her? One second? Two minutes? Three hours? She would never be able to tell. She stood still as a statue, with her eyes fixed on the ground. The guards liked the people to keep it low, to show respect. They thought they were ruling, just because they were the Queen’s guard. But finally they left her. When they disappeared in the corner, she covered the rest of the distance running. What a marvellous rebel she made.

AN: Inspired by the Archetype: The Rebel playlist on 8tracks. You may find the tracklist here. Or listen here. Italics are for thoughts. 


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