It was a normal day. Tuomas walked to school, learned how to feed unicorns and how many years it takes for a stardust potion to turn into star, and now he had walked back home. He entered his home that smelled like pancakes, tired and hungry. As quickly as possible he dropped his things to one side and took off his shoes. He started approaching the kitchen, but he stopped in front of the mirror.

The person that looked back to him was tall, thin and blond. Pimples were on his nose and he still had stardust under his left eye on the place Juho had touched him. However that young man was not the problem, he looked like he did the day before and the day before that. What had drown Tuomas’ attention was the man standing behind him.

The man was a ghost, he could tell due to Professor’s M teaching. He was tall and old and very sad. I would be sad as well if I were so dead, Tuomas thought.

“Why are you here?” he asked. Professor M said that the best way to drive away ghosts is to find out what they want.

“Paaaaa-nnnnnnn” the Old Ghost screamed.

‘Pan? You want to cook?”

“Paaaaaaaaaa-nnnnnn-caaaaaa” the Old Ghost screamed again on the verge of crying.

“Pancakes? You want pancakes?” Tuomas asked with patience.


Tuomas sighed and went to the kitchen. He kissed his mother on the chick and grabbed some pancakes on a napkin.

“Hey! Wash your hands before dinner!’

“Mom, no worries. It is for the Old Ghost.” He explained to her.

“Again? I told your father the place was haunted, but does he ever listen to me?” Tuomas never heard the rest of her talk, most likely it was the usual stuff. He went to the hall and he found the old ghost still screaming pancakes as loud as he could. Without hesitation the young man threw the pancakes to the ghost. The ghost ate them in a way that Tuomas never really understood but he was too bored to ask Professor M to explain it again.

When he finished the pancakes, the ghost smilled happily. He a small burb, he turned from white to blue and then he went back to where he came from. Finally! Now I can eat my pancakes, he thought and went back to the kitchen.


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