Ride Day

It was a nice day, a bit cold but sunny. It was the perfect day for a bike ride especially as Mari would not have another chance to enjoy the sunny weather on her bike till next spring. The young girl took her red and quite old bike and set off roaming the streets of her neighborhood.

As she was enjoying the sun, she remembered that she needed to visit to grocery store. Her poor fridge was running out of milk, eggs, bread and all the stuff that could keep a human being alive. Mari decided to change her morning plans and go to the store.

After she had bought everything she needed in order not to starve to death, she started the bike to home. The weather was really nice today, especially when compared to the stormy yesterday. The bright sun erased all the memories of the storm from last night, even though the puddles of water kept looking at her ominously.

Mari was close to her place, the last crossroad. She speeded up a bit, eager to go home and bake that strawberry cupcakes. The car was in a safe distance, of course she had more than enough time to cross the road. But then again, she had forgotten of the vicious puddles. When she crossed a puddle right in the middle of the road, she lost control of the bike and the young girl found herself inside the puddle. She was wet from head to toe, but that was not the thing that worried her the most. The most imminent threat was the car approaching her fast. Mari’s heart raced in her chest as panicked tried to get up.

The tires of the car shrieked but stopped in as distance from her. The driver was nice to Mari, he had seen what had happened. However that did not stopped Mari from blushing, she was so embarrassed that she kept apologizing till the driver laughed:

“Why are you sorry? Hopefully your eggs have not turned into an omelet!”




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