The stain on the snow

The stain was there. Everyone could see it, the huge red stain on the white snow could not pass unnoticed. A lot of people just glanced at it, they did not spare any more seconds of their busy lifes on the red stain on the snow. Some people glanced a second time on it, wandering who might have had such a terrible accident. But only Pietr stopped and starred at it for hours and hours.

The stain had fascinated the six year old boy. It was a cold day, not the coldest he had ever lived and surely coldest days awaited him in the future. The boy was supposed to go and buy eggs for his mother; she was baking him his favourite cake. However he could not stop watching the blood stain on the snow, because what else could be?

But the question in Pietr’s young mind was how did it happen? The longer he starred at the stain the better he could see how it happened.

It was a tall man, dark and harsh. He was running through the deep snow, unable to go fast due to the deep snow and his heavy load. He reached the crossroad and stopped just outside the restaurant. He had to catch his breath, he was exhausted by his heavy load.

And that moment, the policeman with the long face appeared behind the corner. “I got you!” he said with his deep, booming voice “Stop there and surrender yourself!” The criminal though would not go down so easily. He did not rob successfully the bank in order to lose it all now. He put his free hand in the inside of the jacket and pulled out his gun.

The policeman was faster. His gun was still smoking when the big man fell on the ground and his blood started staining the snow while the stolen banknotes scattered in the wind…

Three hours before Pietr lay his eyes on the stain for the first time…

The men were exhausted and in a hurry. Their load was so heavy, the boxes that they unladed from the car were meant to be inside the restaurant one hour before. They had almost gotten all the boxes into the restaurant when the last one opened. With a loud crack the bottles of red wine smashed on the ground and the wine stained the snow red while the French owner shouted to the men.


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