What could go wrong?

She let him pass without another word. 

Anyway, what could she really do? Nothing. She did not really have enough power to impose her will to him, even though she was the Princess and he just the Chancellor. He never listened to her, the old man always treated her as a child. But not for long.

The princess, furious with him, decided to take the matters in her hands. What could possible go wrong?

Apparently everything could go wrong. 

The young princess regretted her actions now. She wished she had not acted by herself, without someone’s else help. Her mistakes started when she tried to bypass her guardians advice, the poor Chancellor would so angry with her. But for now, she had to cope with the Stable Master.

“Why on earth would you choose to go and free all the horses? We lost our best stallion!” his huge head was red with anger and looked like it would pop like a cherry.

“I did it cause they were slaves. In my kingdom, we do not have slaves”, she tried to sound regal and confident, but it was hard to have an effect like that when you are only twelve years old.

“They were not slaves!” the man started to say how well groomed they were, how often he feed them carrots and apples and how often he brushed them. The more she heard him, the worst she felt. All she wanted to do was to let them leave in the garden and not closed in the stables.

What would possible go worse now?

Apparently, she was grounded. The worst part of it though, was that she had to see all that people trying to fix her mess. The chancelor is mean, she thought trying not to cry.


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