She closed her eyes and dreamed. She dreamed of him coming closer to her. He was tall and handsome and as bright as he always was. She was afraid to go closer.

She was afraid he might turn into mist; she was afraid he might turn into dust in the wind. She was afraid he would disappear just the moment she would touch him with her bare fingers, leaving behind only the tiniest fragments of himself for her to take comfort.

But this was not what happened. He approached her and pulled her close to him. She expected a long and passionate one that would make her tremble into his hands; melt like butter on warm bread.

Instead he held her tight, in a passionate but yet calming way. There was need in the hug, need for love, touch, to give and to receive in equally measures. They stayed in each other’s hug for as long as eternity lasted, living off their connected bodies.

And then, she woke up, alone in the darkness of her room, knowing that they will never be together again till death claim her.


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