01. You taste heavenly

AN: First chapter of the 10 Small Stories, my first attempt to a large connected story. Caution! for this and all of the stories: might contain violence, bad language and graphic content, so I would suggest it for over 17 year olds (consider yourself warned). Not intended to copy anyone else’s stories. Enjoy!


“You taste heavenly…” whispered the blue eyed boy to Mary’s ear in a husky voice. Mary felt shivers running down her spine; she could feel his deep rambling voice shaking her from the inside. They were dancing slowly to the rhythm of the sensual music, while the lights made the artificial club smoke change from red to green and back to red again. The man was taller than her by only a few inches, making him the perfect dancing partner for her. He had long blond hair that ended up in soft curls. His eyes were the deepest blue she had ever seen in her whole life.

When Mary did as obliged by her best friend Lizzy, it never crossed her mind that she might be able to find someone to hook up with. She was a rather normal girl; medium height, brunet with big brown eyes. She was a bit plump, not obese, but enough to make feel bad with her body. She had just celebrated her nineteenth birthday which meant two things: she still had some scattered pimples on her face that made her really uncomfortable and it was an utter shame that she was still a virgin.

Mary was a very shy girl with a love for Jane Austen’s books and Disney books. When she was six years old she thought that a blond prince atop a white horse would arrive and snatch her away from her daily boring life. Each morning for five years she would look outside the window to see if her Prince Charming had arrived. As it was expected and normal, he never did. She quit the habit when her mother told her there is no prince charming for her or any other girls. Mary had to stop mooning over boys and start study hard to get into the university. After all she was a woman and she had no need of a man’s pity, or worse a pity man. In her view of the world, men were only good for reproducing. For the rest of her teenage years, Mary would try to fit in her mother’s ideal life for her. Secretly, though she would still steal a quick outside the window, just in case.

Now she attended university and she was going to be the greatest lawyer of all times; according to her mother. She was studying hard every day, she never missed a lecture and she turned in all her reports well before the deadline. She even part of a study group, her only initiative to be a bit more social and a leader since she finished primary school. Lizzy came to join her group and she would become her friend. She was that slutty friend that everyone had. She was the one that would dress up every Saturday night with the sole purpose of impressing guys. It was fine with Mary, except from the fact that she liked to dress her as a doll and drag her along. “You can’t be a virgin forever!” she would say. Mary went along with her plans, as she did with her mother before she moved out. However, every night the story had the same ending- Lizzy hooked up with a dazzling guy and her alone in the corner of the bar.

It came as a huge surprise to her when the handsome man approached her and not her best friend. Who would have thought that? Not me, she thought. After a couple of drinks they were dancing and she was gloating with happiness. Lizzy was casting too many glances towards her way. The ones she knew her best friend saw were full of meaning. The ones that she thought Mary could not see were full of a weird meaning, that Mary could not fully grasp. Most likely it was jealously, because her partner for the night was not as hot as hers.

Mary felt his hand move slowly up and down her spine. Nick was standing so close to her that she could feel his breath against her skin. “You taste heavenly” he said one more time after he broke a quick kiss between them. Mary was left breathless, she could not describe the taste of their kiss or the feelings that boiled up inside her. And she definitely could not find a proper response to his words. “You also smell wonderfully.” The handsome man continued with his compliments.

“It must the new fragrance I wear, Clair de la lune” Mary giggled while she turned a deep red. Her mind felt like it was made out of liquid, no proper thought could stay in there for a long time, let alone form a phrase.

“You are blushing sweetheart.” Nick chuckled and she blushed even more and he laughed louder. He had a nice laugh and nice white straight teeth to match it.

“Um…” Mary tried to find something clever and sassy to respond to his teasing, but unfortunately her brain had decided to hibernate.

“Mary…” he said seriously “I did not mean to offend you. I just find you very attractive…delicious in a way” he kissed her one more time on her neck, just on the spot he could feel his pulse. “I want you… if you would like of course… we could go to my place.”

Oh my god! Did he just asked me to go home with him? Me? And have… sex? The young woman thought dazzled. Her heart pounded fast in her chest as she tried to think of a good and sassy answer. She was sure that he could hear it despite the loud music of the club. Uncertain still of what to say and what to do, she glanced over to Lizzy’s place. Her friend though was not paying any attention to her, she was too busy flirting with a tall guy from Latino America. As the other girl tossed her hair artfully over her shoulder, Mary realized that she would not be missed tonight.

“Okay…” she stammered. “We can go to your place. Let me gather my things first, though.”

“Perfect!” Nick signaled for a waitress to come over and paid for both their drinks without asking her first, like a true gentleman as Mary thought. On the meantime, she fished out her purse and jacket under Lizzy’s things. She looked her friend for one last time thinking to inform her of her departure. However she was making out with the hot guy and so she just shrugged her shoulders and followed Nick to his car.

Nick helped her into her seat; he held the door open for her and closed it after she was comfortable into the car. His movements where fast and steady, like a cat would move around a mouse. As he was starting the engine of the car, Mary caught herself thinking of him as her Prince Charming. The very one that her mother warned that would never come, the one that does not exist let alone the books and movies. See mom? Princes do exist after all…

For the next fifteen minutes they would drive through the busy streets of the city. Mary found it always curious how alive the city looked during night. It was always full of people going out, walking in the park, going home. People were laughing and dancing into the streets instead of just dashing from one place to another. As the song Who wants to live forever played on the radio she thought that the night was as much hers as it was theirs. Tonight was the night that she would live.

When they reached his house, Nick pinned her against the wall and kissed her long and deeply. Mary felt dizzy, breathless and speechless. Fireworks exploded in her stomach and all kind of colors filled her mind. “Let’s go to my bedroom, shan’t we?” he asked in a low, seductive voice that Mary could only nod as a response to it. Sheepishly she let him lead her by the hand to a room at the back of his apartment.

It her a moment to realize how strange the room he had brought her into looked. She thought he had led her to his bedroom but apparently she was wrong. There was no bed or closet in the room, in fact there were no windows at all. Mary would have thought it was a room used for closet but then there would no need for a table in there. Or a fridge. Or a counter.

“Nick… what are we doing here?”

“Dinner” his replied came behind her and she felt one cold kiss on her neck, one of those that only a sharp knife could give.


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