03. I love your father


AN: Third chapter of the 10 Small Stories, my first attempt to a large connected story. Caution! for this and all of the stories: might contain violence, bad language and graphic content, so I would suggest it for over 17 year olds (consider yourself warned). Not intended to copy anyone else’s stories. Enjoy! 

When Anna looked around her, she understood she was lost again. It was not the first time she had been lost in this area of the city, even though she was born and grew up here. Anna’s father was a policeman and he took good care of his only little girl. If he had seen her walking around this part of the city, he would have gotten a heart attack.

Neither Anna would have been wondering here if not for the old crone. A wise policewoman should have known not to be lost in a place like that. But on the other hand, if she were a wise policewoman, she would have never tried to visit the crone.

Anna cringed when she remembered the low voice of the woman. She had felt sick when she had heard her price. Who would have thought that she would have demanded such a high price? And for what? For James, for his eternal love and his baby. A small smile lit up the woman’s face. Anna always giggled like a school girl when she thought of her fiancé, even though the fiery read woman and the shy, blond man have been dating for almost five years. They were going to get married really soon, everything was already arranged. Anna had arranged everything; she was one of those women that liked to take matters on their hands. She had made sure that her friends liked James, that his friends liked her. That he can hang out with her father. That his parents were not opposed to her. That the wedding reception would be concluded at exactly 17.45, the time they had first met and that James’s aunt would not sit close to her grandmother. It was not without reason that she was the best detective of the metropolitan area, she almost never missed a detail. Only once she missed a small detail in her life, and that is why she had to visit the old crone in the first place.

Anna coursed loudly when rain started purring again. As if the day could not get worse. She looked around trying to find shelter and she spotted a small church. She was never a very religious person, she never asked God for guidance, but she was sure that God would not have a problem with her using his house to not get sick.

The church was small and dimly lit; candle light and their sharp smell was all around her. Shadows were dancing on the strange images on the walls; faces of numerous people who had died for a distant God were looking her from above. Somehow she felt like they looked down on her and Anna never liked being looked down. She never understood how long she was frowning upon a saint that killed a dragon with such intensity that she never heard her approaching her.

“What has the poor saint done to you and you look him with so much hatred?”

Anna jumped at the soft voice. She turned around and she faced the most beautiful nun that she had ever seen in her whole life. She had beautiful doe eyes, a perfectly round face and a small nose. However she was not the happiest nun she had ever met. Her upper lip had been violently torn by a might slap at some point in her past and the same must have happened to the skin below her eye. The scars were small and very old, but still indicating abuse. But she could tell she had hardship in her life from her eyes. Deep, eyes were looking at her. Eyes that should belong to a woman being around fifty years old and not thirty-something.

“He claimed to kill a dragon. A dragon, for fuck’s sake”

“Please, don’t swear in here”.

“I am sorry…but isn’t God supposed to forgive everything?” she responded a bit aggressively than intended to.

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean that you should be disrespectful to other people beliefs.” The nun answered back in a low voice that contained no anger at all, just deep concern. Anna flashed and felt guilty immediately.

“I am sorry! It is just that I don’t believe at all to God, and it started raining even though it was supposed to be sunny again today, I am lost and then there are not supposed to be dragons! How can he have killed a dragon, when dragons and magic don’t exist!” she tried to put her thoughts into words, but she failed. Words never failed her.

“Child, something troubles you…” she looked Anna deep in the eyes. “Why don’t you come and sit with me? Let us talk”.

“Will that help?” she asked like a naïve little girl.

“Well… once, when I was younger than you, I talked to a stranger once and it helped. You never know, you have to trust your luck” the nun said mysteriously and that picked Anna’s interest. She was curious now about that little woman… to whom had she spoken? Was the stranger the one that saved her from however abused her? The detective followed her to the nearest sits. The nun sat occupied one with the greatest grace a woman could possible possess. She sat there with grace and Anna had time to see that the nun was carrying clothing for tonight’s litany.

“I lost someone long ago… but what about you? Why do you say that the poor saint lied?”

“Because dragons don’t exist!” she cried out, not sure who she wanted to convince, her, the nun or the saint? Maybe if she could cry it loud enough the crone would go away and disappear from her memories and her life.

“Are you sure? Maybe they did back then… or maybe, before you start talking about science and evolution, it is just an allegory?” the nun asked.

“Maybe… what do you believe?”

“It doesn’t matter what I believe, what it matters is what made you to want to disprove so much the saint’s story” the nun’s words hit the heart of the problem. However, the red head woman was not sure how to explain what happened to the older one.

“I… am getting married. But I cannot have children… and I asked for help from someone…”

“A doctor?” she asked gently when the detective’s voice trailed away.

“No… from someone else. Doctors cannot help me, they tried when I had the accident, but they said that nothing more can be done… and James loves children… I didn’t want to disappoint him… I wanted to give him our own children… And so I thought I should visit…” her voice betrayed her and she couldn’t continue anymore. She shuddered at the thought of that place.

“…her. Now I see why you don’t want to believe in dragons. You just saw one and you believe that by denying its existence it will go away. But I am afraid it won’t go away like that”.

“How do you know?” the detective asked surprised.

“Because I am a nun it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what is going on outside the church!” the older woman laughed at her expression. “But, young lady, what it matters is you now. I will ask you only one question: Why are you discussing this with a nun and not the man you love and will be your husband? A couple should look after one another. Why don’t you try and find and talk to him?”

“Should I?” she asked like a naïve little girl.

“Should you?” asked back the nun.

“I should…”

“You should” she said nothing else.

“But what if he doesn’t…”

“You are in love, aren’t you? I don’t think you would visit her if you were not in love. If he loves you too, he will understand. A person that loves you, always understands. You don’t always have to be the strong one, child”.

“Thank you, Sister. I think the rain has stopped. I shall go” Anna stood up.

“Go, girl and be careful of the dragons”.

“I will, you too”.

As Anna stepped out she noticed that the rain had stopped and the sun was shining again. It seemed that the weather reflected her mood. When she was lost, the weather had been dull and dark, but now that she knew what she had to do, the skies were clear again.

It took her almost an hour to reach her house. That hour seemed to last an eternity, even though it was a normal distance to cover in this big city. The streets were now life with people of all age and backgrouds going about to their business. For her though they were empty. All that mattered was to reach her destination. The nun was right. She always knew what she wanted from her and her relationship. She was always in control of her life and her logic. She knew that she loved him and that she wanted to have his children; but what did he want? She thought thatxsometimes they never talked and that they never expressed some of their problems. They were going to be husband and wife soon. That meant that they could share. She was sure that he would understand. He loved her, because people only get married when they are in love.

Anna climbed the steps of their appartment two at a time. She reached almost out of breath the final steps. She tried to open the door but failed to find the right key twice. When she finally got into their small appartment,  she was greeted by some soft sounds.

They were moans. Moans. Erotic and hot. Almost immediately she knew that they belonged to her fiancee. She recognised them, she spent so many times having sex with him in this very building. The sex was always so good. it always felt like she was free. An animal was unleashed to its primitive instincts. It was always felt like she could leave her brain behind and follow her body. It was so nice when her body took over. His moans of pleasure were the soundtrsck of her friendom.

And now those moans were heard on the wrong movie. **Relax, she thought. He might masturbate. I do it too. Nothing is wrong with that.** That must be the reason. Anna was not a fool, she knew that  men watched porn and Jales was a man. And men during porn pleasure themselves. She drew a few breathes to calm herself. She would go in and join him. Maybe have a foreplay and renact the “movie”. Thag would wicked. Anna proceeded to their bedroom with a smile on her face.

And the smile froze on her face. On their bed was sprawled James, his beatiful face full of pleasure. He was in a weird state of undress: pants off, shirt on. But he was not alone. He was not pleasuring himself watching porn. Someone else did that for him.

“James!” she whispered. She turned her eyes to the person that was giving a blowjob, her job, to him. It was a man… an older man that she knew and loved. “Father!”

The two men turned to look at her. They were ashamed and she was in shock. She was petrified and numb. Nothing went through her mind and heart for a few seconds. As the two men seperated from each other, her girlish, pink love for him stung like a thousand needles. And the pain angered her. As James started talking to her all she could feel was the waves of anger, pain and despair wash over her. She was in the middle of an ocean and she could not swim.

“Anna, what you saw… Anna I am sorry” he stummered while putting on his pants. “I am bisexual. I am sorry, I don’t know how to explain…”

“I know what a bi person is, James”.

“Yes, of course you do. The thing is that I like men, and I love your father. It just happened. We do not chose who we love, and I could not tell you. I did not know it before. I understood it after a while…and I was ashamed to tell you.”

Now both men were dressed and standing in front of her. They both looked their toes and Anna was reminded of school children that awaited to be punished. And they would feel her wrath.

“Of course you should be ashamed!” she screamed to James and pointe to him.

“Yes…but I cannot do something! I just like men as well!”

“And by all men on earth, did you have to fuck my father?  My father, James! Couldn’t you just go and fuck the pizzaboy? You two had to destroy my love for both of you!” she screamed beyond herself. Range made her go bershek.

“But I love your father! ” argued James. He was about to say more, when her father finally interrupted him.

“Anna, we are in love. The sparkle was there right from the start.  We tried to resist, we tried to deny, to hide. But we just clicked. We fit together like a key and a lock. We are made for each other. We instictively know esch other.  That is love and we have it”.

Anna turned around and left. She was drowning and she could do nothing. However, she could not decide what stung more: the facg that she did not see it,  that she was betrayed by the two men she loved more or that she was fooled h

to believe that she was in true love? She always in control and she hated to be wrong.


AN: If you would like to read the rest of the chapters, you can find them in the category “10 small stories” at my blog page. 



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