08. The Fall

AN: Read at your own risk! Might include bad language or disturbing images. The 7th story of the 10 small stories. You can find the rest at my blog. Enjoy and comment!

She was standing on the edge of the cliff. The wind was howling; it blew her golden hair all over her face. It was better this way, none could see the tears tricking down her chin. It was not because she was afraid to be seen crying; on the contrary the young woman with the pale skin was never afraid to hide her emotions. What she wanted was to hide her tears.

The tears trickled down slowly, painfully. They always hurt, tears of fire had that effect on the young girl. She would weep fire tears when she was angry, she would weep tears of blood when she was scared. Physical pain could make her weep with salty tears, like all the normal girls of her age and yet different. None of these girls would feel the tears steaming hot against their smooth cheeks.

But this time, the tears were not afflicting her only with physical pain but also with emotional pain. The way was down, she thought. She watched down at the sea. The waves would crash against the sharp rocks, the foam looked as if it formed shapes. She could see a horse, a rose, a petal, a house, a dead girl floating across the ocean. The way was down.

She was afraid, but what had he said before going away to look for Death? If you want to rise, first you must fall. Take the leap and have faith. Yes that was the last advice he had given her before he abandoned her once and for all. He was a cruel man, a man with ambitions and secret dreams. But so was she. She had hoped for more than new life. She had hoped for freedom, for salvation for power. The dark man with the deep eyes had promised her that and more if she betrayed all her life, all her loyalties, all her emotions. If she was ready to do what was necessary. The girl had done that; she still remembered the knife slashing through an infant’s neck, the wailing of a mother with the same long hair as hers.

And now here she was. Take the leap. The way is down. But she could not. She wanted to fly, to be free of the torment that was her life. She did not want to weep tears of blood, fire or steaming hot water anymore. She did not want to be special anymore, she did not want to have power. She wanted to be done with all that and fly away. She wanted to find her way out of this misery. Take the leap! She urged herself, but she was afraid.

He wouldn’t be afraid. He was not afraid when he went to seek for Death. He would do it, he would have faith and he would do it. He would jump without a moment’s hesitation, he would do it and feel no remorse. He would have faith even if it failed. Faith can be tricky sometimes. It can reward you with all you want and more, but Faith can reward you with a cold kiss and a stone hug, he used to say.

She pictured herself jumping. She pictured herself crushing again the waves, becoming unrecognizable mass against the waves. Her bones shattered, her flesh broken. The sea animals would feast on her flesh and the waves would drink her blood. No, I will fly. Take the leap. But maybe her soul would fly away, go and join Death and maybe even see him. Either way she would be free.

As she jumped, her face was clean, no tears were there. And then she flew.


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