Summer Nights

Don’t you just love summer nights?

Summer nights are different. Each night is the same as the night before and yet different. You can feel it in the air; they are moist with humidity and yet cool. You can never understand what is that makes them pleasant to feel in your skin, and yet they stick on you like small drops of desires to be pursued. You hope you will feel ice hidden in each darkness and yet the sun that is soon to be forgotten reminds you that it was there by burning the stones like coals fresh out of fire.

Maybe it is the smells that make summer nights special. When you walk down the street you can smell the jasmines and yet you cannot them. You can find them in the dimly light streets just by letting them carry you there. And when you are gone you can still smell them on you, only to be replaced by the saltiness of the sea.

Summer nights are silent and yet so noisy. You can hear the calm sea smashing lazy against the rocks, or the song of a lonely bird will break the night in a magnificent crescendo. Or you could hear the thousand cries of happiness of people enjoying its merits and themselves, or just the heavy declaration of people’s passion.

There are so many possibilities waiting to come alive during the short hours of a summer night. You could taste the saltiness of sea, or the sugar of grapes. A stroll can be taken, a poem can be written and a new friendship can be made. A thousand souls could fill the night with the sound of music, or cry over the tragedies of fallen heroes. Or then, a lonely soul could just stare moths dancing silently around the yellow street lights at the same time another is staring deep into the mysteries of the skies.

Summer nights are different and yet the same, they can be molded and shaped into whatever we ever wished for and yet they can be rogue and take us by surprise.

Summer nights are magical.


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