Wanted Robbers


Robber’s Ltd. is seeking to recruit motivated, competent, enthusiastic candidates for the following positions.


1) Goods acquisition manager.

-5 years of experience in the field is required with preference in illegal acquisition of goods from unsuspected travelers in the woods.

-willingness to argue with not so well mannered individuals in the field.

-knowledge of law is required.


2) Executive manager of  goods redistribution

-5 years in the field is required.

-character references from 2 former employers and mortal enemies are expected.

-Good knowledge of maths is required.

3) Internship position

-no previous experience is required.

-loose ethical views are advised.

-candidates under the age of 16 years old will not be considered.


Interested applicants of any gender and ethnicity may apply with a recent photo, criminal record and CV clearly stating the position they apply for. Positions will remain available till the right bastard shows up.

Give the appropriate documents to our representative at “Pirate’s Liar” going by with the name One Eyed Joe.


Human Resources Division

Robber’s Ltd.


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