​Love is love. Love is sweet, love is a dream. Love is the spice in our lives and the death of ourselves. Love is a drug and a poisson. Love is a disaster.

You might think that I am melodramatic, and that I have never really been in love. But I will dissagree and say that I have been in love, trully in love, and you have not. Here is my story, read it and you will know why I hate love.

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was tall and fair. All men would have liked to have her as a wife. Of course I was not left untouched by her magic. I can only discribe it as magic, her manners, beauty and voice were enough to bent into her will even the most strongminded people. Back then I was not aware of that. I thought that she was the most amazing creature to have set her foot on earth. She could make my heart melt with one glance and everytime I dreamed of us together I died a little bit inside.

You see I was just a groom. I was the groom who groomed the royal horses, a high honor indeed. More prestige and money came with caring for the King and Queen’s horse, however it was not enough for asking a Princess in marriage. So I tried to be content with only looking at her and smiling when I helped her up the horse.

It was a sunny day and the birds were singing happily upon the trees. I was there sitting ony stool having Sugar ready for the Princess to ride her. Soon she came out and I helped her up the horse and the most extraordinary thing happened: she smiled at me. I was left speechless, my heart was racing into my chest while the Princess dashed off into the woods. 

The same thing happened the next day and the day after that. Did I mention before that I am stupid? I am stupid. I let myself believe that I could have a chance with someone like that. I let myself dream and then my dreams became wilder the day that she spoke to me. “Hello” she said and I blushed to the roots of my hair. I could not sleep all night and I could not eat properly. My friends made fun of me and if I had a pinch of intellegence within me I would have listened to them. But she spoke to me everyday, one or two words and it was enough. I was happy beyond imagination and it was enough. 

One day something unexpected happened. She came to me with eyes red. It was obvious that she was crying, that someone had hurt my princess, who would dare to do something like that? Who would dare to hurt an angelic creature like her? Sugar whined frustrated at my frustration but I paid no attention to her. I helped as always the Princess up her horse and she whispered, “Hello”. The sun was not shining and it was a remarkably cold day for August. 

Then something weird happened, I feel ashamed only remembering it! I asked her “My lady, are you alright?” She sighed heavily and I wanted to kill however made her sigh like that. 

“I need a friend, but I have no friends” she told me after a while. 

“I am your friend princess” I mixed my words when she looked me under her long eyelashes “I mean…I wish you no harm, and I am sure that you have  a lot of true friends, but I… I am your faithful servant. Always.”

“Thank you” she said and she rode off.

Two days later she was watching me carefully as I prepared Sugar for her. A cute little wrinkle between her eyebrows formed as she was thinking. I tried not to be affected by her watching me working. I tried to be gracefull while working, but what grace is  there at a servants job? If I were someone important, someone strong, someone who killed dragons or locked up witches, I could be important and interesting.

I helped her up her horse and she talked to me once more. “Are you my faithful servant?” 

“Always, my lady.” 

“And would you serve me in whatever way I wished?”

“Of course, my lady.”

“I have a quest for you, would you be able to do it? For me?” She inquired, almost pleading with me, who me? Suddenly I felt important and before I could stop myself and think I answered “whatever you wish, my lady”

…to be continued…


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