AN: second part. First part is Love. Read it here.

Hero is a person who does heroics deeds. He or she says that he or she does it for the greater good. For the benefit of the country. For the weak and those unable to defend themselves. But I can assure you that this is bullshit. They do it for egoistic reasons. They do it because they want to be loved, admired, worshipped and altruism is nonexistent in their vocabulary.

You will ask me how I know. I know because I am a hero. I went on a quest because I thought that the Princess will faint when she sees me victorious and blushingly will beg me to marry her. Sounds like the perfect plan.

But after 23 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes on the road, I discovered that this would not be so easy. 

When the Princess revealed to me the details of the quest I felt the earth move beneath my feet. I felt my breath living my body and I could have died at that moment. But my body decided that I could die later on, likeva hero would do. 

The quest was simple. It was written in an elegant hand and sealed with the royal stamp, as all official quests were. A sidenote to the story is that all quests can only be issued by a member of the royal family, otherwise they are not recognised by the state and the person who carried them out cannot get the official title of the “Hero”. In other words, everything was in order, as it should be. 

Inside the envelope, the quest was:

“Travel to Mountain Lakeside and kill the Green Dragon. Then retrieve what you find inside the Tower and bring it to the Princess.”

Easy instrunctions. Clear. Except from what I had to retrieve, but the Princess reassured me I would know as soon as I saw it. I would not be mistaken.

So 23 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes I am on Mountain Lakeside, looking for a Green Dragon. How am I supposed to kill a Green Dragon? I do not own Swag or a talking horse. Just an old mare that likes to bite me in order to wake me up. 

I felt panic rise in my chest, I felt ready to vomit. I did not have training for this thing, I never went to “Heroes Academy”. I had no idea what to do. 

“What should I do?” I asked my old mare but I got no answer. “Ok, let us take everything step by step. It is always to make a checklist for everything. First we need to find the dragon.”

At that moment I saw a huge toenail, attached to a green toe, attached to a green foot gathered with green scales. Dragon found, check.

“Second step, how big is the dragon?”

I looked up, and up and up and up the dragon went, all huge and green. I never saw its face cause it was among the clouds. Dragon size, check.

“Third step, do I see its lair?” 

The lair was right behind the dragon. It was a small hole in the ground, but I guess this were I needed to go and retrieve what I  found inside it, because the dragon stood above it like a mother hen. Lair, check.

“Fourth step, find a weakness of the dragon.”

But how do you find a weakness to a beast like that? Despair creeped up inside me. I would be cooked like a roasted goat leg, nice and crispy and it would be noone to blame but me. This is what happens when a peasant wants to play the Hero. I am no Hero. I am tending horses. 

I started crying, sobs run through my body uncontrollably. I could not stop myself. 

I cried and  I cried loudly, and long until the dragon moved. It bented over and looked me up and down with its terrible eyes that were not covered in clouds anymore. I felt terriefied, I felt like eons had passed, staring into the beast’s eyes. Suddenly, it lowered its head and opened its mouth and I fell the world turning upside down.
To be continued


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