AN: This is the third part of the story. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Young. All of us were young at some point; we were so young that we had someone else take care of us, groom us, feed us, provide us a roof over our heads. Some of us hated those days but when we were not young anymore we missed them with all our heart. We wished that those days would come back for us, but this was something that never would come back.

Well, for me they came back, even though in a bit unexpected way. I had a new mother and a young brother. I was taken care of and provided with food, and I had warmth and a place to avoid the rain. I could tell that I was reliving my childhood, but I have to admit that even though my mom was terrifying, she was not literally a dragon.

Momma Dragon, as I called her, had taken me under her wing for about a month now. I was sharing her love with her own child, Baby Dragon, who must not have been more than a couple months old. She would hunt for us and we would stay in the forest around our nest, exploring, playing and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Baby Dragon was a dark green color as his mother, but he had not yet fully grown wings or teeth. He was playful and cried a lot. I taught him to play fetch and climb trees. This last month was like a had a toddler brother.

Some of you might think that I was mistaken and I meant to say “pet”, but I was not. Dragons are very clever creatures, and they can be compared to us. Just because they do not speak or kill their own species for fun or petty reasons, does not mean that they are less clever than humans. So I had a young brother.

Even though most humans would find it very weird, I loved my new family. My own species feared dragons and some wanted to use them for their own reasons, so they had been branded as bad species. My grandmother told me a story once, that there were dragon riders, but I do not know if I believe her. Maybe it was true, maybe not. But all sort of weird things go on in the forest, that we are unaware of. Forest can make you forget what is like living in a society, if you spend long enough in there you tend to forget everything. I had started to forget everything and certainly I had forgotten about the amazing Princess and her quest, till the day someone came to remind me of it.

The Knight in the Shiny Armor arrived one morning when Momma Dragon was away. She was away for two days now, so I guess she might have gone to visit her relatives in the far north side of forest. Dragons are social creatures, they like talking as much as the talking squirrels. The Knight in the Shiny Armor was definitely looking for something. I could tell by his pace and the way he looked around. We were playing in the nest, building a small castle, when the Knight arrived. He looked us in astonishment.

“This must be the Green Dragon’s nest!” told in a high voice the Knight. I could tell that his was surprised.

“Yes” I answered.

“My Princess told me to find it and retrieve what it was inside” continued the Knight in the Shiny Armor “and that I would know what is was, once I looked inside.”

The Knight looked perplexed as I remembered that this was my quest as well. So, the Princess wanted Baby Dragon so badly that she gave my quest to another. I felt betrayed. “So, what do you want to get then?”

“I do not know… I guess the dragon. I cannot find a valid reason why someone as important as the Princess would take interest in a pathetic creature like you”.

He was right of course. I had lived long enough with the dragons to see the truth. I was nobody, why would a princess interest into me? I could see clearly for the first time the fact that I was used. I left all my life for a dream I had. She never saw anything in me. Ohh I was so young and naive. But now I knew better.

Still, I had a Knight staring down on me and I had to do something. I had to delay him till Momma Dragon arrived and then she could fry him for Baby Dragon.

“I guess I have to take the Baby Dragon… I guess killing a dragon is too much of a task for someone like you”. 

There goes Plan A. I felt sad and unhappy. What am I going to do? And Momma Dragon was dead… How are we going to survive this? 

Baby dragon saved us. I am not sure if he had planned it while I stood there like a stupid log, or it was instictively. While the Knight tried to grab him out of the nest, Baby Dragon attached himself on me and started shrieking. It was impossible to seperate us. 

“What are you? ” Asked the Knight perplexed.

“Me? His nanny. Enlisted by the dragon. She paid well.”

“Give it to me”.

“It is a boy and no. I think it will be easier if you took us both with you. I can keep him calm. Do not judge from his size…he is already very dangerous. I can save you time”. And I could  buy us some time to save him somehow. 

“What is in for you?” Asked the knight suspiciously. 

“I return to civilization of course! I was not hired voluntarily you know. Momma dragon was a good employer but still she did not take no as an aswer.” I held my breath as long as the Knight thought. I could see I had not convinced him, that he needed more time. I started to panic…

“Fine, you are coming with us. I will keep an eye on you though.”
To be continued…


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