AN: The fourth and last part. Read the story in order: LoveHero and Young.

People do not always have the same taste in things. People do not always have the same ideals, the same opinions. When people with different opinions meet then things can fire up. In our case, they did fire up.

After a long and tiring trip, we reached the city. I was not surprised to find out that it had not changed at all. Why would it? Cities do not change so fast and you only understand this when you are too old and unable to change yourself so you become sensitive to the changes around you.

It took us quite a lot of time to reach the palace. It is not easy to navigate through the city with Baby Dragon. He did not look so much as a baby anymore, he had reached the size of the horse. People would stare at us, they would stop to look at the Dragon and they would be so much in a loss of words that they would even forget to breathe.

Inside the palace there was no difference. The noble Princes, Dukes and Ladies of Honour stood in their place petrified. It is not a very likable story, the one I have to tell, and I can see it in front of me. We will not be welcome here, unless the Princess holds so much power in her hands that she could change our fate.

“Oh my God! Thank him you are back! And you found what I wanted and… him” the Princess said running towards. She was speaking the Knight, of course, and of course she knew not my name. Can I blame her? No, I cannot. She never implied that she loved me, she just sent me to a quest. I was the one was in love and wished to be loved back.

The noble part of the city started moving. One person shifted a bit, another gasped, a lady fainted. Suddenly the quite palace was filled with roars of fear and bursts of anger. The people in the palace did not like Dragons and they were showing it. I felt Baby Dragon stir uneasily beside me.

“What is this?”

“Take it away!”

“I am afraid!”

The Princess did not seem to pay any attention. She looked at the dragon with greedy eyes while the Knight was whispering to her. She tried to touch Baby Dragon but he hished scared at her.

“He tells me you are his nurse. Tell me, when do you think I can ride him? Can he fly? Can he stay still?” she demanded to know of me and I felt anger rise into me.

“He is a Dragon, your Highness” I answered to her. “He is not a pet to do as you wish with him”.

She looked frustrated. “Can he be trained to be one?”

“Can you be trained to be one?” I demanded to know of her. I was not sure what had possessed me, maybe it was the effect of living with dragons for a while or the realization that she had send me to death in order for her to have a pet.

She moved away from the Dragon, the Knight and me, and she turned to face the crowd. She was angry, I could tell by the fire in her eyes. She is used to take what she wanted and what she wanted was a dragon.

“Good people of the Kingdom!” she addressed the crowed. “I understand your problem. I wanted to save that loyal subject of our palace” she pointed at me “but it seems he has sided with the beasts!” The crowd looked at us. They hated when someone sided with people that they disliked. “He betrayed us!”

“Kill them!” someone cried from the crowd.

“Burn them!” someone else agreed.

“How dare he to make friends with a dragon?” spat an old lady.

I was in a loss for words. The Royal family was known for changing opinions on a whim, for forgetting what they wanted to do or what they promised to do and leaving their allies for death. The Royal Princess did not stay to see what happened next. It would be cruel and bloody. Guards were surrounding us and arrows were loosed to our side. I was now left petrified and in a loss in what to do.

Thankfully, my friend the Dragon knew. Was it an instinct, was it a knowledge he had hidden within him? I still do not know, but I know that he just dashed off, leaped on the air and started breathing fire on the crowd. Fire rained down on all of us. Screams and smell of burned flesh filled the air. I still cannot remember what happened exactly, I remember fainting with the belief that I had just died.

I did not though. I woke up in the green forest, and next to me was Baby Dragon eating a baby deer. I was shocked and unable to understand what was going on.

“Ah, you are awake, good.” a voice said behind me. I turned and I saw the Knight. “Do not move so fast, you were on fire, but I managed to drag you out. That bitch is for sure in trouble now. Half of the castle was on fire when Baby Dragon pulled us out.”

“He saved us?”

“Of course he did. I came to understand that he is not a beast as I was taught and he sensed it that I respect him as much as you do. So he picked us up and got us away.” he gave me some water to drink. “Tell me, do you know how to fight?”

“No, why?”

“Because we are not welcome! We will have to live as outlaws from now on. Isn’t it exciting?” the Knight grinned from ear to ear and I knew I was in trouble.


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