Flowers from a grave

When she woke up that morning she wondered whether anyone would remember her birthday. She turned 30 years old today, even though she felt 20 years older. It was not easy having to go through high school, university and raise her baby sister. Her parents had never thought of their two daughters when they got involved with the local drug dealers.

They had promised to get them into the best university, to get them the most expensive clothes and the newest gadgets. Hanna’s parents tried hard to fulfill their promises, even though it meant they had to obtain illegal money. She did not care though, as long as she had the coolest clothes, fitting for the coolest kid at school.

Her life changed when a policeman picked her up from school and told her that her parents would never return. He tried to conceal the horror of two dismantled bodies. They said it was an accident, just a tragic car accident, but she knew it was revenge. No one got away from the organized crime unharmed.

She never learned what has caused the rift between her parents and them, but she found out something else at the first birthday after her parents’ death. Hanna received a box filled with flowers from her parents’ grave. They were red and twenty five in total. She fricked out but she did not believe in horror stories.

After a bit of research and questions to the false friends of her diseased parents, she could decipher the message of the flowers. She had to repay, or else her sister and her would join their parents in the grave.

It was hard surviving, but every birthday the flowers in the box were less and less. She was not proud of some of the things she did to obtain that sum of the money, but at last she and her baby sister were safe.

When she opened the door at  the day of her 30th birthday and found not gift waiting for her, no flowers at her doorstep, she knew she had just received the best gift of her life.


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