The Boat of Life

I am living on a boat. The boat is small and cozy, made out of wood. When you look at it, you think that it will break down as easily as a stick. However, the boat has lasted long, longer that the majority thinks. My boat is older than the mountains and as young as the stars.

You might think that I am lying and you might be correct. But the boat is mine and I have lived my entire life there, it is old as I am. The boat has been my constant companion at my travels through the veils of reality into places where rules do not exist.

If you want to believe, you can. If you choose to believe me, then let me tell you a small and simple story; it is just a day of my life. I woke up on my boat and it was a foggy, cold morning. The cold sea was calm and nothing could make her move. My only wish for the day was to make a hot tea and look for islands in the horizon, buried under the weight of my soft, blankets.

When I was boiling the hot water, I looked out the small window of the cabin and saw a Viking boat passing by. Right now, you are rolling your eyes, laughing at me, thinking that it is impossible to see outside a museum a Viking boat. It is the 21st century, Vikings exist only in television. Let me assure you that you can see a Viking boat sailing by in these parts of the ocean. The other day I saw Titanic and two years ago I was chased by a pirate ship. Today it was a Viking boat.

I was afraid. Vikings do not have a good reputation, but I trusted my boat. All I had to do was to whisper to it my fear, to let its wood feel the tremble in my hand. “Please, my lovely boat, take me far away, somewhere warm and safe”. Why did I not stir the boat away? The answer is simple: sometimes you have to trust. You have to let yourself go and relax, to place your faith into someone else, more experienced than you, and your wish can come true.

I opened my eyes and all I could see was mist. We were sailing through the misty weather for a long time. Have they passed hours? Days? An eternity? I could not tell. All I could do was to wait, that was what I did.

I waited till it came into view. It was a huge castle on the seashore. It was tall and beautiful, and yet austere in its design. Steady rock was on its base and bright blue sky above it. I could hear bells in tolling in the distance and spices where in the air. I wish I could live there forever, but the boat is my life and I was drift along on it. The boat is my destiny and the vessel to my end of days. It navigates me through the storms of my life and lets me experience the world.

The people that have come and gone from my life have told me that the kind of life I lead is sad and lonely. It is full of wonders and yet no place exists to take roots. Some days I wonder why I did it, but I will tell you a secret, I will tell you how to be as old as the stars themselves. Trust the boat you were placed on and enjoy with all your soul the places it brings you. Do not forget it when you reach land, always go back to it and then you will never get old, you will never get bored. You will live forever.


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