Floating words

She knew there was someone who lied to her. She knew that there was someone who betrayed not only her secrets, but most importantly her trust. She was not named the Dark Queen for no reason at all. She would. A thousand ways to take revenge came to her mind, each and one of them very enjoyable to her, but not so much for the culprit. She needed to figure out who betrayed her and make them look into her eyes to understand the extent of their mistake.

Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. It is just a whisper in the air, in a dark corridor, behind an elaborate gloved hand. All she had to do was to wait and see. Observe and follow back the clues to the bird got in her trap.

When you speak, your words float through the air. They are gone, they do not belong to you anymore. They will reach the wrong ears, or they might come back to you through the most unexpected route, the Queen told to her young daughter. The Princess was only five years old, but her mother was sure that she would a worthy successor. The little girl had good the perfect teacher after all; her.

She heard the words in the market and as soon as she did, a smile slowly grew in her face. It was a small uplift of the corners of her mouth, most people would never notice it, or they would think it was a product of their imagination. However, those who knew her, recognize it and felt their blood freeze in their veins.

Revenge was close, she could almost taste it. She had found the end of the loose thread and it was easy to follow it back. The pot seller in the central market had spoken to his wife. His wife had a very sweet face with full lips and rosy cheeks. The wench liked to chat with the guards and listen to their stories. A specific guard had interesting stories to share, all of them found in the small circle of the kitchen backgrounds. A specific maid thought that she could impress the guard by telling him what a friend from the high levels told her. The poor girl was not only ugly but also stupid, because she really believed that the stories were just random gossip. The valet knew they were not random, and he knew the correct ears would be reached. As for him? He knew he could buy a good education for his son from the extra gold he got to transfer what he was told.

The Queen did not care for him or any of the rest. They were manipulated or tried to better their lives. She cared to cut off the head of the snake and once she cut it, the rest would never bother her again. It was time she paid a visit to the Grand Duke and teach him the same lesson she taught her young girl. Only that he would not live long after that to be benefited by it.

Author’s Note: Inspired by a certain chapter in the Clash of Kings. 😀


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