Archetype: the Hero

A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities

Brave, noble headstrong, naïve, self-righteous

The man was about to strike one last time, the final strike. He was close now to the end of this bitter story. And what an end it was, worth to be sung across the seas and repeated till the end of days.

He raised his heavy sword high above his head. It never felt heavier before that rainy night. Memories, expiriences and guilt of love were materials that could make a man’s hand difficult to move, difficult to do what he had to do.

All those years he had spent trying to understand the man kneeling in front of him slowed him down for a second. The Hero never truly understand the depths of his friend’s heart, but he loved him. All those feelings were spend in the air now, he would never have a chance to try and understand him.

The Hero knew that his victory over the magician would be sung among the women and it would make their hearts cry. It was fitting after all he had cried bitter tears in his souls as well. He loved the magician as his own brother even though he never comprehended his motives, so different from his own. It pained him to do the deed, but someone had to put an end to his reign of terror.

The Hero wished he could travel back in time, to make him change his mind, to convince him that knowledge was not all that there was in the world, that sometimes, the magic can turn black and hurt people. He let his hand fall down and his sword to go through his old brother’s head.

As the Magician’s head rolled down to the wet street, the Hero let his tears trickle down his face. He had robbed him of his life, his dreams, his greater achievement. The Hero knew that he was a brilliant man, but he could not save him anymore.

His enemy’s blood was spreading on the wet floor, mixing with the rain. He knew that on the same way the blood was wasted away, the undead horrors he had unleashed were scattered in the air.

Only his death would bring the Kingdom salvation.

Only his death would redeem him for all he did.

Only his death could tear the Hero’s sanity to pieces.

But this was his role; to do the right thing no matter the personal consequences. He really hoped they will sing his deed till the end of time because he had sacrificed a lot to be brave, right and protect the weak.



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