Shark on the Beach

Finally, peace is near. As he was stranded in the beach and the air was sucked out of his body, he saw all his life flashing before his life.

He remembered the day he got out of his white egg, the day he learned to move around the vast ocean with easy. He remembered the first time he ate. The taste of his fresh catch filling his mouth still excited him.

He remembered also the fear. He was never afraid, he was fearless, but the fear that he inspired to the rest. They did not want to go near him, they did not want to stay at the same place as him. All fish, no matter the size or species they avoided him. They all fled in terror. Even the creatures living above them, at the non-breathable and dry places did not want to start a conversation with him. Countless times he would poke out his nose and open his mouth to say:

“What a nice day! I hope you are all have a nice day”.

But them too they fled away like the other fish.

He was lonely, very lonely. He needed someone to talk, someone to care about him. He wanted someone who would not be scared to death, but someone who would find him funny, and interesting to discuss the meaning of life, universe and everything. But now that he is on the brick of death all would end. How much more lonely could death be?

A tug at his tail. Maybe it was death drugging him to heaven. The tug was more insistent and he was moved a couple of centimeters. He could feel his body scratching against the wet sand. Something was wrong. With a lot of effort he noticed that some of the weirdest creatures from the non-breathable areas were having a lively communication. What are they doing? He thought.

When the cold ocean reached his nose for the first time he understood. They were returning him to the water, they were saving his life!

“No, I do not want to be saved, I want to die! Leave me alone…” he shouted as loud as his breathless gills, but to no avail. They never cared to listen to him before, why would they do it now?

And just like that his suicidal attempt was prevented. He was alive. Fuck, now I have to plan it all over, again…


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