Two Roads

You have two roads in front of you. Which one do you choose?

The first one is dark. The pavement is a cracked and the asphalt melted in many places. The heat is unbearable, the air so hot that you could boil eggs by letting them stay. A completely empty city lays in front of you, but yet you can feel it in the back of your neck that it is dangerous.

No one has dared to take this path. The buildings on the side of the road look so sad without people inhabiting them. A television is playing in one room and the reflection of an eighties series is visible to you.

It is a lonely road, a difficult road. And yet there is the hope of riches at the end of it.

The second road is bright. It is so bright that it takes you a few minutes before you can fully realize what you see. The pavement is painted red with blood and the road is covered by the rotting bodies of the people who tried to walk it.

And yet nothing else betrays the dangerousness of this road. On the terraces flowers of all kind of colors and smells bloom and the birds with beaks made out of solid gold pick diamonds out of the trees.

It looks a merry road, one that calls you to it. But its song it is interrupted by distant screams of agony.

The question still stands. Which road do you pick?


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