The sun was bright. The birds outside her chamber were singing happily the glory of their merits. Will you be my partner? I am the best you can ever hope for… was all that they sang.

The plants on her small garden looked fabulous today. They had dressed up to welcome the spring. Flowers of all kinds and colors were ready to welcome the sun and let the small animals to feast upon them on the hopes of their offsprings conquering the world.

Her only hope of future cried in her arms. He was only a couple of days old and he already enjoyed to the fullest life. The warmth of his mother and the nourishment she provided him. He had his father’s eyes, dark blue like the depths of the ocean. The rare moments he opened them, she thought that he stared right into her soul; or rather it was the memory of his father’s eyes that made her depths of her heart confused.

She should have listened. You will be hurt, had told her grandmother, that man is not like the other men. He loves no one and nothing, the only thing he cares for is the wild thought that had entered his wicked mind.

She should have listened, her grandmother was a wise woman after all. His eyes sung to her heart and everything else was erased from her mind. His smile was all she wanted to have in her life.

“I am sorry, my little boy”, she tried to soothe her crying baby “I should have listened, but I was a foolish young girl. I did not know any better and I trusted him. That was my biggest mistake”.

She sat in the rocking chair with the boy in her breast. She tried to keep him well fed but it did not really matter. He was not destined to grow old and strong. Maybe if he cried out of hunger the old men would pity him and not rob him of his future.

Why let him suffer? They were heartless monsters like his father. They would sacrifice her little boy to their hungry gods. He was born the marked boy and his father knew of it.

Let her baby boy have a content life, full of joy for as long as he could have it.

Dusk was upon them, another day came to its day. His last day on the earth. She had barely moved from the rocking chair and left the baby only for seconds from her hands.

The bells rung, one, two, three times. That was her signal, she had to hand him over. “What if I resist?” she wondered aloud. The empty room gave her their answer through their silence. They were mocking her, of course they would take the baby no matter what she tried to do. Their desire to stay alive for ever and serve their bloodthirsty gods was so much stronger than her motherly love. She had learned that the hard way.

The little foolish girl got up and left her room. Each of her steps made her heart bleed, but it made a thought that had entered her head long ago to bloom. She should have listened, and now she was left with no choice but one.

She had to sacrifice her baby boy, her small angel. But she would not let him alone, no, she could not live without him. She would follow him wherever they condemned him to and she would take care of him forever.


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