Poor kitty. Someone had left it abandoned in an empty cart box. It was alone, left to starve to death in the entrance of a small alleyway deprived of the warmth of the sun.

The kitty meowed softly to her; her heart was filled with pain at the image of the skeleton body. Its fur was not soft anymore and frostbite had claimed one of its ears.

The little girl picked up the kitty and tried to comfort it in her hug. She would save its life, she knew she could and would do it. The little kitty meowed louder now, in protest and fear. Poor kitty, what much have gone through… this was all she could think as the kitty tried to escape her soothing embrace.

The little girl absorbed by the kitty’s suffering never sensed his approaching. He a shadow that emerged from the dark corner of the street, a shadow of hunger. He was cautious now, so close to his meal after such a long time. The kitty was scratching the young girl in panic.

The shadow stood behind her, he bared his fangs longing to taste the little girl’s warm blood and the tender flesh… he was so close, seconds away from his kill…

The kitty put its last effort to escape the girl’s hands. It scratched her so deep, that the girl let it go. The shadow was about to put his hands around her small neck, when the girl lurched forward in the sunlight. “Kitty, come back!”

The little girl and the kitty run away from him, bathed in sunlight. Shadows like him could exist only in the dark alleys and never in broad daylight.


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