10 small stories


For the next weeks I will be posting 10 small stories. What is so special about them is that they are connected together, the first to second and the second to the third… all the protagonists from one story will rise through the previous stories, to tell their own. Magic, love, hate, science, faith, pain, regret, all happen to that big weird city in the middle of the Desert.

It is my first attempt to write a bigger piece. Let’s see how it will go. It will all be found under the category “10 small stories”. I hope you enjoy them!



The tower

AN: Italics are for thoughts. This piece is prequel to “Catdom“.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had not climbed that tower. Probably nothing, because this story would have never existed without me.

It was a boring day. It was exactly the same as the days before today. She woke up and had breakfast in the kitchen. Then, she played around in the house and finally she went out in the balcony to have a nap in the sun. All in all, it was not a bad day, she did not have to work for her food or fight for her rights in the streets, but still it was a boring day.

And it was that feeling of boredom that convinced her to have a stroll. In a whim of the moment, she stood up from her comfortable position in the sun and took the streets in search for amusement. The neighborhood of her owners was not nice as it was plagued with dogs. They were nasty, stupid and always dirty. She always refused to socialize with them. A stray cat with grey spots on the back had told her once that down in the market the things were interesting. For the market then, she thought to herself.

Going to the market was boring as well. Sure, a car almost hit her thrice, how they dared! Twice a dog chased her, but they were as stupid as the ones in her neighborhood so she escaped easily. She never needed speed to do that, just wits. She got her daily exercise, but still it was boring. Until she reached the market.

The market was interesting. It was full of smells, colors and movement. She walked between a thousand feet, she stole some smelly guy’s food and she followed around a young human boy that was allergic to her kin. That was really fun! He screamed and coughed at the same time! Soon though she understood that in all the chaos around her, there should have been some pattern. She only had to find it.

In order to do that she had to find a high spot to observe the place from above. She looked up and around her and she noticed it. It was a high tower. It was not impressive, on the contrary it was blackened from the years and looked abandoned. In one side the windows were broken and the wall looked ready to crumble. But she knew she would have the perfect view from up there. And so she went. It took her sometime to reach the top, but she was not worried that anything would happen to her. She had not wasted any of her seven lives as she was young and besides very clever. All her friends envied her. Okay, they were not truly her friends but she let them believe so.

From the top she could observe all the market place, the way the shopkeepers would sell their product and the customers would respond. Soon, from her sunny spot on the top of that tower, she would notice what kind of humans would go to which kind of shops. The fatty ladies would prefer the clean shops full of warm cake smells and the small children would always stop at the corner toy shop. The dirty men from the ship would sneak fast to a nearby alley, a small corner where once she show a very weird woman cross wave to one of them. She spend hours and hours at that spot, until the sun set and she decided to go home and have some good food from her humans.

The following day she rushed out the house as soon as she had breakfast. She wanted to observe the market again, it fascinated it her. She started imagine how it would feel if this was her kingdom and the tower her own throne.

“That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?” she heard someone purr behind her. She turned around to see an old tomcat; she looked really old and tired. She should have been afraid, but instead she was curious.

“Do you know my thoughts?” she asked as the older cat sprawled herself next to her in he tower.

“I cannot read your thoughts, but yes I know them. They are exactly the same as mine, and as many cats before us or you would have not been here for a second time in a row”.

“What are those thoughts?” she asked lazily, as if the answer was of little importance to her.

“You wish that this was your kingdom, your very own court” the younger cat raised her tail with excitement as the elder continued talking. “The tower always drives the best of us, for generations now, the ones that are destined to lead our nation to the completion of the most amazing and important plan we ever had; that one that takes generations of careful planning and sorrows, but to the most amazing end possible”.

“What is the result of that plan?” she asked barely able to hide her curiosity.

“The Catdom”.